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In his 27-year career, the man who was already "rummaging" in pancake batter at the age of 3 has gone from restaurants with famous street corners to the grey truck - certainly a requirement - but thought of from A to Z as a cuisine of the greatest chef. On board his truck, since 2014, Mathieu has been constantly reinventing the definition of the gourmet burger. Evolutionary menu, local products, 100% Belgian Beef, homemade bread, seasonal vegetables..." Everything is fresh, of high quality and 100% handmade, except the ketchup," he jokes! Far from fast food, we can enjoy the burger roll, a revisited and upgraded version. The kilometres do not scare the Urban Cook equipped with Urban Cook because they have already been to Paris, Strasbourg, London, Berlin and even Prague!!!! In short, the 3 Food Trucks criss-cross the roads to fulfill your desires, do not hesitate to test 🙂 PHILOSOPHY 99% Homemade Except for Ketchup, all ingredients are "homemade". Bread, meat and vegetables are cooked in Food Trucks and hot/cold sauces are made by Matchef. Short circuit Urban Cook only works with local producers using fresh seasonal vegetables and the meat is of Belgian origin from our region 🙂 Ecology In addition to using recyclable packaging, Urban Cook is committed to reducing plastic waste within its company as much as possible from 2019.
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