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The main event of the Car Free Sunday

All the essential practical information about Bruxelles Champêtre.

  • Family

  • Facilities and activities

    Brussels Champêtre is implementing a series of measures to make life easier for families:

    • Activities free of charge, or at reasonable prices, for the youngest and the old for the whole family
    • A “Kids Corner” where you can find everything you need to change diapers, warm bottles and breastfeed with peace of mind
    • Large areas of grass to sit quietly or take a nap

    The Family Village, in the Royal Park, is a place where large wooden games will be available and which will offer various activities, which will delight young and old alike. The various rides and bouncy castles, which are still numerous this year, will delight the whole family.

  • Families are welcome

    Brussels Champêtre is an event accessible to everyone and especially to families.

    Workshops, entertainment, bouncy castles, tales, animals, sack races…young and old will no longer know where to look. The friendly and child-like atmosphere of Brussels Champêtre makes it a choice event for families wishing to get out of their homes on Car-Free Sunday.

  • Payement

  • Type of payment accepted

    Bancontact, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard and cash are accepted at the information points and in the bars (of the organisation).

  • Épis / 1 épi = 1 euro

    The currency of the event, for the animations, is the Epis. It can be purchased at one of the two info points.


  • Opening hours

    The Brussels Champêtre site is open on 16 September from 10am to 7pm.

  • Mobility

  • To join us

    Brussels Champêtre takes place in the heart of the capital in the Parc Royal, on the Place des Palais and on the Place Royale.

  • Car-free Sunday

    The event takes place during Car-Free Sunday which closes the Mobility Week in Brussels. It is therefore not possible to reach us by car.


    More information on the Mobility Week

  • Coming by bike

    Brussels Champêtre takes place on Car-Free Sunday, the perfect opportunity to get your bike out!


    For more conviviality, the Place des Palais and the Parc Royal will be reserved for pedestrians. Once there, you can drop off your bike in one of the event’s free or paid parking lots.

  • Bicycle parking spaces

    For safety reasons, it is forbidden to hang your bike on the Park gates. So there are several other possibilities for you:


    Secure paid car parks

    You can stow your bicycle in one of the two paid bicycle parking lots located along the Park: Rue de la Loi (entrance at n°16) and Rue Royale (entrance at n°52).


    Parking schedule: 10am – 7:30pm


    Free parking (unsecured)

    You can drop off your two wheels in one of the free car parks located in Place Royale (at number 5) and Rue Ducale (at number 2). Don’t forget your padlock because these parking lots are not guarded!


    Parking schedule: 10am – 7:30pm



    Forgotten bicycles

    Don’t forget to pick up your bike before 7:30. Otherwise, your lock will be cut off and a fine will be charged.


    Wild car park

    It is strictly forbidden to hang your bike on the park gates. He may be removed and taken away by the police. Don’t tempt the devil, drop off your bike in one of the event’s car parks.

  • Coming by bus, tram or metro

    Brussels Champêtre takes place on Car-Free Sunday. On that day, public transport are free !

    To reach Brussels Champêtre by public transport:


    • Bus:
      • 21, 27, 38, 71 and 95: Trône
      • 29, 63, 66 and 65: Parc
    • Tram:
      • 92 and 93: Palais
    • Metro:
      • 1 and 5: Parc
      • 2 and 6: Trône


    More information on Car-Free Sunday and the Mobility Week.